Building Industry-Academic Partnerships

Academic social scientists have more data than ever before to study human society, but a smaller proportion of existing data than at any time in history because most of it is now tied up inside companies.

Through information sharing, demonstration projects, collaborations, and other activities, we seek to reduce barriers to industry collaboration, unlock commercial information for public good in privacy protective ways, and enable both academics and companies to advance their separate and joint goals.

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A Consortium of Research Centers

With leading social science research centers around the world, we have formed a consortium to share experiences about and develop models for collaborating with companies.

About the Consortium

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Company Partnerships

We develop models for industry collaboration, lead demonstration projects, and help others develop their own partnerships.

To learn about how to access Facebook data, see here; for a Dataverse of our Facebook datasets, see here.

About our Partnerships

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Scientific Advisory Committee

Leading scholars provide advice, help shape community neogtiations with companies, choose and evaluate datasets, and receive access to new data for their research.

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About Us

Information about our organization, its mission, and some frequently asked questions.

About Us

Core operations at Social Science One are funded by an endowment in honor of the late Howard Raiffa, who held the Frank P. Ramsey Professorship at Harvard's HBS and HKS. Raiffa pioneered the field of decision science, making important contributions to both abstract mathematical theory and conflict resolution in difficult real world circumstances.