Peer Pre-review

book-books-bookshelf 2Social Science One grantees will have the opportunity to participate in a new peer pre-review feedback service offered by Social Science One. Peer pre-review is designed to solve a major problem in science, and science journalism, by speeding up the process of scientific discovery and publication, while reducing the time that papers with flaws are on the web prior to peer review and publication. It offers scholars instant feedback on their draft papers from leading scholars.

To accomplish these goals, Social Science One is building both a community of independent, private peer pre-reviewers (incentivized through funding to participate), as well as partnerships with journal editors to help speed up peer review at scientific journals. Peer pre-review formalizes some of what happens informally among colleagues and friends, with reviews offered to grantees that are fast, complete, reliable, repeatable, and expert. Peer pre-review may be of particular help to scholars at smaller institutions or at universities or regions without many strong scholars in the same field.

For more detail, see the Harvard IQSS website on peer pre-review.