Future Datasets

A current plan for Facebook-related data sets to be released to the RFP process organized by Social Science One.

  1. URL Sharing Dataset-The data describes web page addresses (URLs) that have been shared on Facebook since 1/1/2017 (the dataset will grow as time passes and more URLs are shared). URLs are included if shared by at least 20 unique accounts, and shared with a public privacy setting turned on at least once.

  2. Elections Survey Dataset - Social Science One, in collaboration with Facebook and YouGov, is running a series of post-election surveys with the goal of understanding voting dynamics. These surveys will be merged with Facebook data to support research on the effect of social media on elections.
  3. Collaborations with survey organizations: AsiaBarometer, ANES, Canadian Election Study, CCES, CSES, EES, LAPOP
  4. Other data sets under consideration
    • Data from randomized A/B tests run on Facebook’s platform
    • Data from surveys run on Facebook’s platform
    • Continuous feed of all public posts on Facebook and Instagram
    • Surveys we will run around the elections in the US, and other countries with upcoming elections
    • A large random sample of Facebook newsfeeds